Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc., today announced that it received a another contract from the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

This contract is to continue development of phased array subsystems that support the MDA mission. Dr. Rick Sturdivant, founder and CTO of MPT commented that, “This work further demonstrates the value we are adding to the MDA mission. We are very excited that the MDA has chosen us to perform this critical work for them.” MPT is developing an advanced subsystem for MDA phased array radars. The goal of the system is to reduce costs by 50-70% with 2X improvement in key performance metrics. The $2.5M program culminates in a subsystem demonstration.

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Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc. is a company that supplies phased array components and systems. MPT develops solutions for the US Government in electronics and information security. Its electronics group provides communication and radar system products and services.


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